During Phase 2, Life Groups will continue to meet by Zoom. For those that feel the novelty of Zoom has worn off and are ready to get back to in-person meetings, we would encourage you to gather in homes for your lessons and for fellowship either on Sunday evenings or whenever is convenient for the group.  We are hoping that by August, when school starts again, that we will return to our normal worship service and Life Groups schedules with some possible adjustments. 

If you are not part of a Life Group yet, we would love to have you join!  Contact the church office at 386.752.0681 or office@pbclc.com and we will be glad to assist you in finding the class that is right for you.



The Gospel Project and Explore the Bible weekly study lessons and materials are available here. 



How to use Zoom

1. Download the Zoom app

2. Create a free account.

3. Log in and join the meeting using the appropriate ID number.

*This number will change with each meeting. Our Life Group leaders will contact their individual classes with the ID number each week. 



Visit our NextGen Ministries page for more information:

Children | Students



If you did not receive an email from your Life Group leader, please reach out to them, as they may not have the correct contact information. As always, please contact the church office if you have any questions.


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