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Updated February 1, 2023

Church Family



Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Annie Watford as they mourn the passing of her mother.


Hospital | Rehab

Eve Brinkley, surgery scheduled 2/7

Bobby Clark, scheduled 2/20

Sue Strickland, NFR


Nursing Homes | Assisted Living

Conti Bickford, Oakridge

Milla Bolding, The Canopy

Frances Brewer, Willowbrook

Justin Bringman, Daniel's Redemption, High Springs

Clyde Cain, Stoneridge Retirement

Hazel Hancock, Riverwood Lodge

Jimmy McKenzie, Serenity Hill

Bruce Naylor, Rehab

Ernestine Saunders, Solaris

Grace Stafford, Solaris

Arlene Morey, Willowbrook

Martha Cook, Solaris


Prayers Requested

LaNita Bishop, Betty Brown and family, Harlene Brown, Melissa Burdette, Bill Cannon, Craig and Ellie Chewning, Jim Clevenger, Katrina Counts, Todd Crisp, Dave Davenport, David Day, David Dunn and Family, Jackie Dickson and father, Mollie Ferdon, Fran Freeman, Anna Friar, John Furches, Debbie Garbett-Stanley, Ronald Graham, Marty Gruss, Judy Hall, Chuck Hanna, Diane Harrell, Sonny and Linda Hartley, Gail and Ronnie Hartzog, Earl Hickman, Helen Hobbs, Andy Huddleston, Sharon Kirby, Lorie Kirkman, Ernest Lane, Beckie Layman, Barbara Leslie, B.J. Ley, Milo Miles, Wayne Morrell, Shirley Mullens, Gloria and Jim Musser, Ralph and Carolyn Norris, Diane Perry, Ann Phillips, Laura Ratcliff, Richard Ray, WC Register, Ernestine Saunders, Jim Smith, Roy Spurling, Lisa Stalvey, Annie Watford and family, Carolyn and Jim Wells, Mary White, Eleanor Wood, Carolyn Woodruff

Extended Family and Community


Hospital | Rehab

Verna Saxon, surgery 12/21


Nursing Homes

Clifford Bailey

Ruth Coffee, Solaris

Mary Jessen, Solaris

Kenny Merriken, VA Domiciliary

Merle Morgan, Nursing Home

Wanda Parker, Avalon

Helen Jane Pridgen, The Canopy

Leo Register, Willowbrook

Kathy Runyon, Maryland

Sylvia Waldron


Prayers Requested

Tim, Believers in Ukraine, Paul Albright, Matthew Andrews, John Bartin, Biehl family, Bird Family, Elaine Bonseco, Bill Brown, Julia Brown, Terry Brown, Brother of Peggy Kent- Mark Ballard, Connie Brackin, Heidi Bridgeway, Bullard Family, Shirley Burroughs, Willis Butler, Carolyn Carman, David Carter, Penny Chaffins, Hayward Christie, Michelle Clemons, Ruth Coffee, Jessi and Luci Collins, Melody Cook, Jonathan Creeley, Kevin Crews, Marcile Cruse, Natalie Cunningham, Lonnie Dancy, Susan Dancy, Debbie Dansby, Jeff Debolt, Stanford Deese, Kylie Dipola, Amanda Divine, Karen Ellis, Patty Everman, Jennifer Floyd, Elaine Fonseca, Wesley Gaines, Joe and Colleen Gardner, Vance Gillespie, Joe Gottstein, Gwen Gouch, Payton Grace, Starlette and Jamie Guess, Kimberly Hale, Ira Hall, Ben Harrisman, Rusty Hart, Jean Henley, Chris Hewett, Din Hewett, Kenny Hobbs, Skibo Horne, Robert Hullet, John Inman, Jamie Johns, Melody Jones, Wilbert Jones, Ken Joyner, Betty Kennedy, Kim Kennonto, King family, Terri Kirby, Joy Koon, Parker Latham, Edwin Layman, Elizabeth LaVoie, Haylie Lee, Larry Maddox, Makenzie, Jennifer Manning, Marion Family- Mary, Reyonlds, Brad, Virginia, & Elizabeth, Judy Mathina, Pauline Mattalino, Kennedy Maxwell, Kinsley McCauley, Michelle McNabb, Suzanne Melton, Hester McKinney, Will Mickler, Tommy Miller, Jerry Nettles, Keith and Tanya Norris, Leroy Norris, Owens family, Linda Poplin, Patrick Pridgen, Jessica Proveaux, Al Rand, Butch Salmans, Sister of Joy Sanders, Annabelle Schneider, Sergei Scott, Shelby family, John Shiminski, Donna Sides, Billy Skasick, Symphany Smith, Max Smith, Winnie Lynn Smith-Wise, Ivalene Spivey, Donnie Squires, Landon Squires, Linda Squires, Chris Stamper, Mark Stamper and family, Kenneth Stengel, Steve, Laura Streeter and family, Yolanda Thomas, Carolyn Thomason, The Thurman Family, Deanna Vickery, Tanner Wayne, James and Linda Weatherford, Kellie Williams, Kathleen Wood